The Mayfield

Regenerative Farming

At Mayfield, we are committed to cultivating our vineyards in a way that is gentle on the earth and considerate of our environment. While we choose not to chase legal certifications like “biodynamic” or “organic”, which often emphasise form-filling over meaningful action, we focus on tangible practices that make a genuine difference.

Regenerative Soil Management

Our approach to sustainable farming begins with the health of our soil. In winter, we introduce livestock into the vine blocks to graze and naturally fertilise the soil, promoting a balanced ecosystem. We have a permanent cover crop of native grasses between our vines which reinvigorates the soil. This natural cycle of grazing and crop rotation regenerates the earth, ensuring the sustainability of our vineyards for generations to come.
We minimize water usage by rarely irrigating, and relying on natural rainfall for our vines. This not only conserves a precious resource but also encourages deep root growth, resulting in robust vines that capture great complex flavours for our wine.

Carbon Neutral

We’re actively working towards achieving carbon neutrality through several initiatives. The installation of solar panels at our facilities, generates clean, renewable energy, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Our vineyard has a 100 year old arboretum which plays its role in offsetting our carbon footprint and there are always trees being planted. Our goal is to minimise our environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of wine quality.

Vegan-Friendly Wine

All of our wines are vegan-friendly. They are produced without the use of animal-derived fining agents. Instead, we opt for plant-based or natural filtration methods. 

At Mayfield, our mission is clear: to produce exceptional wines while being good global citizens and stewards of the land. Our sustainability journey is ongoing, and we’re constantly exploring new ways to improve our practices.Come visit us and taste the difference that sustainable farming makes. Together, let’s raise a glass to a greener, healthier future.