The story of


The history of Mayfield dates back to 1815 when explorer, William Charles Wentworth, was granted Mayfield as a thank you for his earlier crossing of the blue mountains. Explore our timeline below to learn more.

First to cross...

Explorer William C Wentworth (along with six other men, four horses and five dogs) was the first to cross the blue mountains in 1813. Two years later, as a thank you, he received “Mayfield” as a Crown Grant from the Governor of NSW.


Mayfield transfers to Thomas Icely

Thomas Icely was famous for cattle, sheep and horse breeding and was commemorated with the naming of ‘Icely Road’.


The Gold Rush begins

William 'Parson' Tom, discovered the first payable gold in Australia at nearby Ophir. This discovery started the Gold Rush. Tom subsequently purchased Mayfield; we could claim that the first gold found in Australia was used to acquire this property


The Settlers cottage

The Settlers cottage was built. Today it is one of our most popular accommodation choices. Explore the cottage here.


The Homestead was built

The Homestead was built, with the original design by famed architect Hardy Wilson. It has been recognised by the National Trust and today is one of the accommodation choices on Mayfield. Explore the Homestead and other accommodation here.


School house built

The Mayfield School house was built to educate the Scottish farm workers' children. Visit the School House Cellar Door here.


Mayfield transfers between brothers

Thomas Crawford sells Mayfield to his brother James. Letters between the brothers show Thomas was finding it financially difficult to operate Mayfield.


Mayfield bequeath to James

James dies and gives Mayfield to Thomas’ son, James S.R. Crawford. Mayfield was listed in his will as an asset worth £ 15,245.
He also bequeath the sheep, cows, pigs, horses, a tractor and a plough, showing the type of property Mayfield had become.


Passing of James

James S.R. Crawford died and his widow, Margaret remained at Mayfield. Margaret spent 65 years here and her everlasting gift to Mayfield was the arboretum with over 50 species of trees, many over 100 years old.



Mayfield was acquired by the Thomas family, and their dog, Aussie.


Vines planted

After careful planning, a number of cool climate grape varieties are planted and the property evolves into Mayfield Vineyard.



The property is subdivided into 3 lots and the southern and western lots are sold. This reduces the Mayfield from 113 to 47 hectares.


Eastham Family Acquisition

The Eastham Family acquires Mayfield and a few months later also purchase the previously sold western lot and reunite it to Mayfield, increasing the property to 91 hectares.


Charles Simons Becomes GM

Charles Simons welcomed as General Manager
and partner in Mayfield wines


New Plantings

New plantings of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, extending the vineyard. Further plantings of new and emerging varieties planned.

Trophy for the Best NSW/ACT Chardonnay
Melbourne Royal Wine Awards

The 2022 Mayfield ‘Block 14’ Chardonnay awarded the Trophy for the Best NSW/ACT Chardonnay at the 2023 Melbourne Royal Wine Awards.